October 21, 2016

Oprah’s Enthusiastic Clinton Endorsement: “You Don’t Have To Like Her”

Oprah has an inspiring new message for undecided voters thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton, “You don’t have to like her.” Oprah’s inability to go much further than that in support of Clinton is just the latest indication of how unpopular the Democratic nominee is.

Oprah’s tepid support for Clinton stands starkly in contrast with her support for Obama eight years ago. Back then she said that Obama had “a new vision for America,” and that she believed in him personally:

“I think that what he stands for, what he has proven that he can stand for, what he has shown was worth me going out on a limb for – and I haven’t done it in the past because I haven’t felt that anybody, I didn’t know anybody well enough to be able to say, I believe in this person.”

Clinton’s inability to attract enthusiastic support is a major problem for her. Oprah’s lukewarm support is just the latest indication that Clinton supporters are not fired up by her candidacy.