April 12, 2017

Ossoff Says He’s “Proud” To Have Worked With Al Jazeera

Yesterday, Jon Ossoff sat down with CBS-Atlanta. During the interview Ossoff was confronted with the fact that his campaign fundraising is not coming from Georgia. While at the same time, Ossoff gaffed when he pronounced himself “proud” of the work he did for Al Jazeera.

A perennial issue for Ossoff is the work he has done for Al Jazeera, accentuated by the fact that Ossoff has refused to answer questions about just how much he’s been paid by the network. The Democratic candidate didn’t help matters when he said he was “proud” of the work he’s done for them:

Ossoff added that he has “no regrets” working for the network, which has terrorist ties.

Additionally, Ossoff, who doesn’t live in Georgia-6, has not helped his cause by relying so heavily on Nancy Pelosi and other out of state Democrats to help his fundraising. During the interview, Ossoff was asked about the fact that 95% of his campaign donations were not from Georgia. Ossoff could only dodge the question:

Ossoff’s answers show that he’s completely unprepared to become a member of Congress. Georgia voters need a member of Congress, not a puppet of the far left.