January 20, 2016

Panicked Clinton Campaign Attacks Sanders, Iowa Voters Over Socialist Label

The Democratic establishment is in full-on panic mode over Hillary Clinton’s struggling campaign. The news that Clinton was trailing Sanders in New Hampshire by 27 points has Clinton and her establishment allies digging deep for a way to stunt Sanders’ momentum.

It’s no surprise then that the New York Times has a piece highlight how Clinton surrogates are now making an issue of Sanders’ identification of himself as a socialist. This might strike some as curious, given that an Iowa poll had 43% of likely caucus goers self-identifying as socialists, but the Clinton campaign is desperate. Plus, they haven’t exactly been showing the best judgment lately.

The Times article quotes Clinton surrogates warning Democratic primary voters of the costs of voting for Sanders. Below are some of what the Times calls “authorized fear-mongering.”:

Governor Jay Nixon: “Here in the heartland, we like our politicians in the mainstream, and he is not — he’s a socialist.”

Senator Claire McCaskill: “The Republicans won’t touch him because they can’t wait to run an ad with a hammer and sickle.”

Congressman Steve Israel: “’Hillary Clinton doesn’t have to explain socialism to suburban voters,’ said Representative Steve Israel of New York, the former head of the campaign arm for House Democrats, whose hardest-fought races this year include districts outside Philadelphia, Washington and Chicago.”

For a campaign that last week was crying foul over an innocuous Sanders ad, this isn’t exactly the best look, nor the tactics of a winning, confident campaign.

But since the electability argument was so successful against Senator Barack Obama in 2008, you have to stick with what works. Oh wait… nevermind.