October 15, 2015

Passive-Agressive Democratic Primary Gets Ugly

In a Facebook post last night, Democratic candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional district, Lucy Flores, officially kicked off the attacks in what many have predicted will be a long and bruising primary.flores attacks lee

It’s a not so subtle jab at Flores’ primary opponent Susie Lee, the wealthy philanthropist who has used her own money to bankroll her Congressional campaign. Just last month, Flores sent out a fundraising email criticizing Lee for the initial $50,000 she loaned herself.

Lee isn’t the only opponent Flores has taken aim at. Over the past week, Flores has also thrown shade at primary opponent Rueben Kihuen. Backed by Harry Reid, Kihuen is seen by many as the political frontrunner in the race. As such, on Tuesday night he excitedly announced his attendance at the Democratic Presidential Debate.

A few hours later, Flores posted the following on Facebook, highlighting that she had elected to spend the debate “with the community“:

flores jabs kihuen

The passive aggressive post underscores a bubbling animosity between the two politicians and indicates Flores is still bitter that Reid chose to endorse her opponent over her. In 2014, Reid backed Flores’ bid for Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor’s race but decided to pass this cycle after she lost that race by 26 points.

Don’t expect these barbs from Flores to end anytime soon. The failed candidate is lagging far behind Lee and Kihuen when it comes to fundraising and will try to do whatever she can to make a play for the Congressional seat. To be sure, this is just the beginning of what will likely be a messy mudslinging contest.