October 23, 2016

Patrick Murphy Campaign Of Lies Continues

Patrick Murphy is now resorting to desperate lies to try to turn around his failed Senate campaign. Murphy can only make false attacks on his opponent because he’s been exposed as a hypocrite countless times.

First, Murphy’s political attack against Marco Rubio backfired when a reporter pressed him twice on his family’s involvement construction of two Trump properties:


Then, Murphy continues to lie about his CPA experience. CBS Miami uncovered that Murphy did not work a single day as a CPA in Florida:

‘”Yet despite working in Miami, Murphy has never held a CPA license in the state of Florida. Instead, he obtained a license in Colorado. And because the requirements are lower in Colorado, Florida does not accept the license as valid in Florida. As a result, none of the work Murphy did in Florida for Deloitte & Touche was as a CPA.”

That didn’t stop Murphy from falsely saying that “of course” he worked as a CPA: