October 17, 2016

Patrick Murphy Can’t Escape His Many Failures During First Debate

Patrick Murphy’s fundamental lack of qualifications to become a United States Senator were on full display during tonight’s first Florida Senate debate. On topic after topic, Senator Marco Rubio obliterated Murphy. He blasted Murphy for his resume lies, he consistently highlighted Murphy’s flip-flops and he pulverized Murphy over his unwavering commitment to Hillary Clinton.

First, the story that has defined Murphy in the eyes of many Florida voters was Jim DeFede’s blockbuster report that Murphy lied about working as a CPA and was never was a small business owner. When Murphy tried to wiggle out of that tight spot during that part of the debate, Rubio eviscerated Murphy as a fraud:

Murphy’s fake biography is matched only by his knack for trying to fraudulently take credit for efforts he had nothing to do with. That was the story when the debate participants discussed immigration reform. Senator Rubio crushed Murphy on the topic, exposing the fact that while Murphy has claimed to support immigration reform, he’s voted for efforts opposed by DREAMers:

Finally, Murphy showed just how naive he was by his comments on Hillary Clinton. When Jonathan Karl pressed Murphy on his unwavering support for Clinton, Murphy reaffirmed that he finds Clinton 100% trustworthy: