August 19, 2013

Patrick Murphy Hates Fundraising So Much That He Does It All The Time

To his constituents in Florida’s 18th U.S. House District, Patrick Murphy is never one to shy away from saying how much he hates fundraising and how he thinks the role of money in politics is “gross.” But thankfully, Murphy isn’t in his Congressional District today. Instead, he’s clear across the state holding yet another fundraiser in Tampa.

And in the months since being elected, Murphy’s team has touted him as “one of the very top fundraisers in the nation”, held four fundraisers to mark his birthday, formed a Leadership PAC to raise more money and told newspapers that the Financial Services Committee is a great platform to meet donors. Check out the rundown below:

“Still, Murphy’s team touted the congressman as ‘one of the very top fundraisers in the nation’ after he topped the $1 million mark.” (TCPalm, 7/14/13)

“To celebrate his 30th birthday, U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy of Florida threw himself a campaign fundraiser. Then another. And another. And another. The four events this spring helped makeMurphy, a Democrat from Jupiter, one of the House’s top fundraisers, and he can’t let up.” (Tampa Bay Times, 7/4/13)

“Freshman U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, the youngest member of Congress at 29, has formed a leadership PAC, once the domain of veterans on Capitol Hill, the Center for Public Integrity reported.” (Sun-Sentinel, 2/8/13)

“He told POLITICO that a spot on the committee has helped him network and meet potential donors in the industry, but he rejected the suggestion from critics that he or any of his fellow freshman colleagues were leveraging their positions on the panel to raise money from the banking industry. ‘I’ll never … take money from something or someone I don’t agree with, and I would never take a vote that I didn’t fully support in my heart,’ he said. ‘I learned early on you’re never going to make everyone happy and of course on every issue.’” (Politico, 7/21/13)