August 26, 2016

Patrick Murphy Is A Joke And His Opponents Know It

Privileged Patrick Murphy’s checkered past is providing plenty of fodder for his primary opponents. Now Pam Keith, the recipient of the Miami Herald’s endorsement, is taking aim at Murphy’s lack of accomplishments with an epic takedown.

Speaking with WFSU, Keith called Murphy out for being an “extremely wealthy frat guy”:

“’We do not have a shortage of extremely wealthy frat guys in the Senate. We’ve got plenty of those. So I fail to see what Patrick Murphy adds to the mix. But, at base, I know I advocate for my community differently than he does,’ she said.”

Murphy certainly has all the qualities to become our first frat-bro Senate candidate:

  • He’s gotten into underage bar fights.
  • He’s known to take his family’s yacht, Cocktails, up to Nantucket.
  • He lies about his resume.
  • His very wealthy father is trying to buy him whatever he wants.
  • He makes outrageously stupid comments, like that he’s an immigrant, despite being born in Florida.
  • His campaign is exceptionally thin-skinned.

Further proving the unserious life Murphy has led, the Washington Free Beacon uncovered that Murphy only started voting in Democratic primaries once he became a candidate himself. In total Murphy skipped the Democratic primaries in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

As Keith’s comments prove, Murphy is a walking joke of a candidate. With all the challenges facing this country, Floridians know that the last thing this country needs is more politicians like Murphy, completely unprepared for the job waiting for them in 2017.