September 7, 2016

Patrick Murphy Is A Loser And The DSCC Knows It

Patrick Murphy, frat bro and yacht aficionado, will have to rely even more on his father’s wallet after the latest news out of the DSCC. It was reported last night that the DSCC canceled a weeks worth of advertising that would have benefited the notorious fabulist.

As the Miami Herald reported in their story on the canceled ads, every week that the DSCC waits to go up in support of Murphy leaves more voters with their minds already made up against their candidate:

“But by delaying spending until closer to Election Day, the Democrats potentially reduce the impact of their ads because many voters will have already made up their minds. Mail ballots start going out in early October and early voting begins Oct. 29.”

Compounding Murphy’s problems is that a new ethics issue has popped up. During this campaign, Murphy has already had three ethics complaints filed against him. Now that total is up to four. FACT has charged that Murphy is illegally coordinating with super PACs:

“A conservative-leaning watchdog group plans to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday that accuses Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy of illegally coordinating with super PACs that support his bid to unseat Marco Rubio. ‘Through obscure postings on his website, Murphy is instructing organizations, with which he is not permitted to coordinate, to run advertisements beneficial to his campaign,’ alleges the 20-page complaint from the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust — a copy of which was provided to the Herald/Times.”

FACT also raised questions about the suspicious timing of Murphy’s father giving $1 million to a Democratic super PAC, and subsequently that same group going up with ads two days later for that same amount.

Murphy’s campaign has ricocheted from one crisis to another. Now that the DSCC has signaled their lack of faith in his ability to win, it might be time for him to accurately update his resume.