August 11, 2016

Patrick Murphy Takes Pandering To New Heights With Latest Claim

Patrick Murphy is not good at telling the truth. Now as a politician that wouldn’t be as much of a problem for him if he wasn’t also so bad at telling plausible lies. In light of that fact, some would say Murphy is a pathological liar, so desperate for the approval of Florida voters that he will literally say anything, no matter how stupid or outlandish, to win their votes. A perfect example of this quality came during an interview Murphy did recently with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos.

Murphy was speaking about immigration, and proceeded to drop a stupid bomb all over himself. Murphy actually stated that he was “an immigrant”:

“‘That’s what makes this country so beautiful and so unique. You know, you think of the Statue of Liberty, right? And all of us. I’m an immigrant. We’re all basically immigrants here.’”

There’s one small problem though. Patrick Murphy is not an immigrant. In fact according to his own Congressional biography he was “born and raised in Florida.” Nice try though.

Murphy’s inability to tell Florida voters the truth has been a persistent problem for his campaign so far. With his latest gaffe, Florida voters will be reminded of that once again.