October 22, 2015

Patrick Murphy’s Position On The Benghazi Committee Changes By The Day

Under daily fire from his Democratic primary opponent Alan Grayson, Rep. Patrick Murphy can’t figure out which position to take on the Benghazi Committee’s investigation into the attacks that resulted in the deaths of four Americans in Libya.

Let’s review the various positions he’s taken at various times:

Running for Congress in 2012, Murphy told The South Florida Sun there needed to be a “full investigation”:

“I believe we need a full investigation into what happened there. I think it’s unfortunate and it’s sad when these events happen. I was upset that there was so much back and forth between democrats and republicans. This to me isn’t something that should be politicized. This was a national disaster. An attack on a U.S. embassy and American lives were lost. It shouldn’t be politicized. We need to find out what happened.”

In 2014, as a member of Congress, Murphy voted in favor of creating the committee. He stood by that vote in an interview with CBS Miami in September 2015:

Less than a month later, under pressure from Grayson, Murphy changed his tune and called for the committee to be shut down “immediately.”

…Murphy campaign spokesman Joshua Karp said Murphy is urging House Republicans to “immediately shut down the committee.”

Days later, he voted for a Democratic motion to abolish the committee. Quite the flip flop – but Murphy didn’t stop there.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd yesterday, Murphy flopped back in favor of the committee…sort of, reaffirming his vote to create the committee and discouraging Democrats from resigning their posts on the committee:

Either Patrick Murphy truly doesn’t know what he thinks about the Benghazi Committee’s investigation, or he’s so desperate to get elected that he will say or do whatever he thinks people want to hear at any given moment. Given his history of political opportunism, the latter explanation seems much more likely.