August 10, 2015

Pay To Play Conway

Kenny Powers Conway

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway recently hired two out-of-state law firms to represent Kentucky in an antitrust lawsuit against Marathon Oil for alleged price gouging. 

One of those law firms, Strauss Troy Co. of Cincinnati, has contributed $1,700 to Conway’s gubernatorial campaign, raising questions about the outside hiring process in the Attorney General’s office.

It isn’t the first time one of Strauss’s contributing attorneys has earned a lucrative contract from Conway. In 2012, after contributing over $8,000 to Conway, Ron Parry (formerly of Parry, Deering, Futscher, Sparks, PSC) received a contract from Conway’s office to file suit against Bayer A.G., a pharmaceutical company. Prior to receiving the 2012 contract, Parry had contributed $4,800 to Conway’s U.S. Senate bid, and $3,500 to his state campaigns.

Conway has made a habit of granting contracts to political contributors including Garmer & Prather PLLC, Texas-firm Bailey Perrin Bailley, LLP, and Miner, Barnhill & Galland, all who had contributed thousands to Conway or Democrat organizations prior to receiving these contracts.

For Conway’s fellow trial lawyers, it seems like contributing to his campaign isn’t to support a cause, but rather a business expense and investment.