August 10, 2015

Pennsylvania Democrats Aren’t Sold On Katie McGinty

It’s no secret that the Democratic establishment in both Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania are lining up behind Katie McGinty against Joe Sestak in the primary to take on U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey. (Yes, that same establishment that McGinty campaign chairman Ed Rendell said can actually hurt Democrats in the Keystone state.)

What’s less certain is whether Pennsylvania Democrats are going to fall into line. Early indications are that the DSCC’s coronation of McGinty is going about as well as the DNC’s coronation of Hillary Clinton. Both Democrats on the political panel on Philadelphia-based WPVI’s “Inside Story” this Sunday expressed skepticism:

When asked about McGinty’s chances against Toomey, former Philadelphia Democratic City Councilor George Burrell countered that it was a moot point as she may not beat Sestak, saying that McGinty “did not connect with voters” in her failed campaign for governor.

Former Philadelphia Democratic mayoral candidate Nelson Diaz said that McGinty’s establishment backers “don’t understand Pennsylvania politics.”

Making it clear that there is no end in sight for the dueling Democrats, Sestak doubled down on the internal discord today: