January 11, 2016

Pennsylvania Dems Take The Gloves Off In Ugly Primary

The Pennsylvania Democrat senate primary is moving from messy to downright ugly. With no clear frontrunner and a burgeoning establishment versus grassroots dynamic, Joe Sestak, Katie McGinty, and John Fetterman are ramping up their attacks.

In an interview with Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman blasted McGinty’s losing record, noting her embarrassing single digit finish in her failed campaign for governor:

ANCHOR: So McGinty, to get back to this, getting a lot of big endorsements. She’s got the big name recognition for going up against Governor Tom Wolf in the gubernatorial primary. How do you offset that? She’s already got a brand out there.

FETTERMAN: She has endorsements, and to her credit, you know, there’s nothing wrong with that. When we got into this race we knew we wouldn’t be the institutional candidate. It hasn’t even – I guess it’s been about 18 months where, when she ran for governor she finished with seven percent of the vote in the gubernatorial primary, so Democrats have had a choice before and I think that we’re offering a much different one in terms of the different candidates here in 2016.

Sestak has also had McGinty in his sights, blasting her for slow-walking her position on the Iran nuclear deal and, more recently, using McGinty and Fetterman’s attendance at a gala in New York City as a hook to highlight the state’s budget crisis – an implied criticism of McGinty, who abandoned her role as a key architect of the failed budget negotiations as the Governor’s chief of staff.

With the nomination apparently up for grabs, there appears to be no end in sight for these three Democrats to train their fire on each other, paving the way for a severely damaged nominee.