February 25, 2016

Pennsylvania Voters Have Soured On Hillary Clinton

A new Franklin and Marshall poll of Pennsylvania voters released this morning shows that Secretary Clinton is viewed unfavorably by a majority of Keystone State voters.

Fifty-six percent of voters said they had a negative impression of Clinton. But more troubling for Clinton is the passion with which Pennsylvania voters dislike Clinton:

The number of people who hold a “strongly favorable” opinion of her dropped from 53 percent in February 2014 to 19 percent this month, while her “strongly unfavorable” rating jumped from 6 percent to 44 percent in the same two-year span.

Multiple polls have repeatedly shown voters do not think Clinton is honest and trustworthy. Over the span of the last two years, whether it was the unethical activity of the Clinton Foundation, the drip-drip-drip of her email scandal, or her out-of-touch comments about being “dead broke,” Clinton has given ample reasons for voters to become disenchanted say-or-do-anything campaign for president.