January 14, 2016

Pennsylvania’s Fetterman Slams Clinton As “Evolver”

As bad polls and negative headlines continue to pile up for Hillary Clinton, more and more Democrats are giving her insurgent rival Bernie Sanders a close look.

Sanders racked up his first endorsement from a statewide candidate today – in a key early state, no less – from Braddock, Pennsylvania mayor and senate candidate John Fetterman.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

“Bernie Sanders and I are not traditional, establishment candidates – and we don’t want to be. Politics today has become more about special interests and big money, and establishment politicians have forgotten where actual people fit into that equation,” Fetterman said in a statement obtained by The Inquirer. “Bernie and I entered our respective races because we believe in the kind of politics that’s about standing up for people instead of catering to corporate influence. We represent everyday working people that have otherwise been disenfranchised from the political process by the millionaires and billionaires.”

Fetterman’s unorthodox style – in everything from fashion choices to financial disclosures – has drawn lots of attention from local and national media outlets, and not unlike Sanders, given him something of a cult-like status among Keystone State progressives.

Fetterman heaped praise on Sanders, but also had some harsh words for Clinton:

The mayor said his preference is for the “innovator over the evolver.”

It’s unclear whether Fetterman was referring to Clinton’s “evolving” position on gun control, healthcare, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, same-sex marriage, immigration, or all of the above.