February 12, 2018

Percoco Trial Already Hurting Cuomo

Percoco Trial Already Hurting Cuomo

Although the federal corruption trial of Andrew Cuomo’s former top aide Joe Percoco has only just begun, the salacious details from the trial have already started to take their toll on the 2020 hopeful.

Check out the newest poll from Siena College:

A Siena College poll of registered voters found Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s favorability, job performance and re-elect ratings all fell by double digits in February. Cuomo’s favorability rating is 53-40 percent, down from 62-30 percent last month, and his job performance rating is negative 45-53 percent, down from positive 50-48 percent.

“After hitting his second-term high favorability rating last month, Gov. Cuomo’s favorability, job performance and re-elect ratings all hit significant speed bumps this month,” said Siena Research Institute pollster Steven Greenberg. “He’s down with Democrats, more with Republicans, and even more with independents.

Cuomo’s response? Bizarre. He blames Trump, despite Cuomo doing everything he can to showcase his newfound progressive credentials:

“In this new Trump reality, all politics is national. Over the past year, numbers have moved in connection with the national debate – bouncing up and down within the same 10 point range,” Azzopardi said.

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