May 16, 2016

The Perfect Storm Of Clinton Failure: Boko Haram Sends Fighters To Libya

The Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa have individually been hallmarks of Secretary Clinton’s failed record as the head of the U.S. State Department. Unaddressed Boko Haram terror threats and a dramatically failed intervention in Libya have been the highlights of Secretary Clinton’s record in Africa, but reports signaling a new development in terror on the continent could throw another wrench into Secretary Clinton’s already tarnished security record.

On Friday, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters that Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram may be sending fighters to Libya to fight for ISIS. Blinken added that Boko Haram has “benefitted from assistance from” ISIS and noted that there is evidence that “suggests that there are more contacts and more cooperation” between the two terrorist groups.

The reports unites two of Secretary Clinton’s largest failures. Her State Department notoriously failed to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist group and even lobbied against congressional efforts to force them to do so. In refusing to take action against the growing Boko Haram threat, Secretary Clinton’s State Department went against the urging of the FBI, the CIA and “over a dozen senators and congressman.” The group gained notoriety after the kidnapping of nearly 300 girls in April 2014 and has since been named the world’s most deadly terror group.

Secretary Clinton was also a strong advocate for the intervention in Libya that has turned the country into a failed state and a fallback option for ISIS. Secretary Clinton reportedly pushed President Obama “51-49” in favor of intervening in Libya but, according to both President Obama and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, failed to outline a plan for the country afterward.

Now, Secretary Clinton’s two major failures in the region have come home to roost, creating a storm of terror in the Middle East. Secretary Clinton will have to explain her disastrous foreign policy record to the American voters who want a real leader.