October 25, 2016

Photographic Evidence Catches Privileged Patrick In Another Lie

Serial liar Patrick Murphy is at it again, this time over his family’s ties to Donald Trump. During the last debate, Murphy claimed his family never did business with Trump, calling the charge “an absolute lie”:

“After the debate Murphy told the local NBC8 station in Florida of Rubio’s attack, ‘It’s an absolute lie, we’ve never done business with Donald Trump. We’ve never had a contract with Donald Trump.'”

Yet a new report by CNN, tells a very different story. CNN has now published a picture of Murphy’s father, and main financial backer, Thomas Murphy with Donald Trump. To make matters worse for Murphy, Trump’s name appears on two buildings built by his father’s company:

“The construction company owned by Murphy’s father, Thomas Murphy built two luxury buildings that bear Trump’s name — ‘Trump Royale’ and ‘Trump Hollywood.’ The hundred plus million dollar contracts were awarded to Coastal Construction in 2005 and 2007, respectively. The younger Murphy was briefly a vice president at the construction company, and still owns millions of dollars worth of company stock gifted to him by his father.”

Murphy’s current lie is just the latest in a long series of them. He lied about being a CPA, he lied about being a small business owner, and now he’s lied about his family’s business ties. Murphy’s horrendous campaign is redefining the definition of a hypocrite this year.