November 3, 2015

Political Handicapper Charlie Cook Blasts Clinton’s Out Of Touch Remarks

Today, during an event in Washington, the widely-respected political handicapper Charlie Cook highlighted two out of touch comments Hillary Clinton made in 2014 and how they have driven her favorability numbers from record highs after the leaving the State Department to the record lows they sit at today. In particular, Cook focused on Clinton’s “dead broke” remark and volunteering the fact that she hasn’t driven a car since 1996.

COOK: “She didn’t help herself with couple of remarks, my two favorites, January 2014. she is down in New Orleans, speaking to the National Automobile Dealers Association, and she finds the need to sort of volunteer that she hasn’t been behind the wheel after car since 1996. You know, you watch that and you go, ‘What in the hell would you say that for?’ I mean, was this your way of sucking up to a room full of car dealers? I mean, why would you say that? And that sort of distances—she is different from us.

“And then six months later on ABC, she was being interviewed by Diane Sawyer, and she talked about ‘Well, my husband and I were dead broke when we left the White House.’ And we all know that the Clintons had millions, several million dollars worth of legal fees from the whole Whitewater, all of that mess, and impeachment, all of that, yes, of course. But the thing is obviously anybody that can get seven figure book deal, and six figure speeches is not what I think most of us here would think would be say, ‘dead broke.’”