November 14, 2018

Politico: Florida Democratic Party Tied to Altering Voting Documents

Politico: Florida Democratic Party Tied to Altering Voting Documents

This morning, Politico is reporting that federal prosecutors are investigating date changes made to official state election forms and are tying the activities to the Florida Democratic Party:

“The concerns, which the department says can be tied to the Florida Democratic Party, center around date changes on forms used to fix vote-by-mail ballots sent with incorrect or missing information. Known as “cure affidavits,” those documents used to fix mail ballotswere due no later than 5 p.m. on Nov. 5 — the day before the election. But affidavits released on Tuesday by the DOS show that documents from four different counties said the ballots could be returned by 5 p.m. on Thursday, which is not accurate.”

According to a Florida DOS official, making these changes “imposes a burden on the voter significant enough to frustrate the voter’s ability to vote.

Broward County is one of the four counties that has irregularities on the voting documents in question, further adding confusion and frustration to the dysfunctional vote counting process in that county. This new report raises additional questions about the practices employed in Florida during this election.