March 24, 2016

Polls Show A “New Low” For Clinton

While many predicted Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee by the end of March, she’s still struggling to put down Senator Bernie Sanders’s political revolution. This week, two new polls have brought more demoralizing news for Clinton’s hopes to end the contest anytime soon. Yesterday, a Fox News poll came out that showed that Clinton has hit “a new low” on the question of whether voters find her honest and trustworthy. This has been a massive problem for Clinton this year and it’s only getting worse:

“Some 34 percent say Clinton is honest (a new low) and 64 percent say she’s not (a new high) — for a net negative honesty rating of 30 points… Sanders (+71 points) dwarfs Clinton (+39 points) on net honesty among self-identified Democrats.”

Now this morning a Bloomberg poll has brought troubling news on the national race front. A Bloomberg national poll has Clinton and Sanders deadlocked, with Sanders leading Clinton 49% to 48%. Like with the Fox News poll, most voters do not believe Clinton is honest or trustworthy, with Sanders leading on that question by 40%:

“Nearly six in 10 say the Vermont senator cares the most about people like them, and 64 percent see him as the most honest and trustworthy candidate. Just a quarter of voters said that of Clinton.”

The voters surveyed in the Bloomberg poll were even harsher, with one saying that he can’t “trust her” after Clinton’s many flip-flops:

“Matthew Slater, a 26-year old retail manager from Gulfport, Mississippi, said he doesn’t view Clinton ‘as believable and authentic.’ “’Seeing the issues that Hillary Clinton has flip-flopped on, has once supported and is now against or the other way around, I don’t believe in her,” Slater said. ‘I don’t really trust her.’”

These two polls show that Hillary Clinton’s inability to close the deal with Democratic primary voters continues to be a colossal problem for the once-inevitable candidate. After all, Sanders won two of the three most recent contests, and with more caucuses this weekend, Sanders hot streak doesn’t look likely to cool down anytime soon.