March 4, 2016

Poor Bill: Ex-President Confuses Iran & Iraq During Campaign Speech


At this point, it’s well-known that Bill Clinton has lost a few miles an hour from his fastball.

When the Clinton campaign “unleashed” the “big dog” in January, they advertised him as a “secret weapon” for his wife’s campaign. But the reality is Bill Clinton has become a liability for the campaign. The initial reviews of Clinton’s campaign trail performance included adjectives such as: subdued, adrift, flustered, weary, and cautious.

Since then, Bill has been no better. Just two weeks ago, he outrageously claimed that the San Bernardino terrorists had “never been to the Middle East,” when in fact one of them was born in Pakistan and grew up in Saudi Arabia, while the other made several trips to the Middle East. A campaign spokesman said the former president “misspoke.”

And Thursday night during a speech in Baton Rouge, Bill Clinton bragged about his wife’s ability to implement sanctions on Iraq. The only problem? The U.S. didn’t implement sanctions on Iraq. In all likelihood, he was referring to Iran. Oops?

But in all fairness, who really knows what Bill Clinton is talking about anymore?