July 27, 2016

How President Obama Really Feels About Hillary Clinton

President Barack Obama’s speech tonight will be a “lovefest” about Hillary Clinton, according to the Associated Press. For the countless people who doubt this is how Obama really feels about Clinton, America Rising has a video for you.

From his comment that Clinton was “likeable enough,” to the ads he ran blasting Clinton for being willing to “say anything to get elected,” Obama relentlessly ran against Clinton in 2008. Obama questioned her authenticity and her many flip-flops. For Obama, Clinton’s pattern of receiving big money from special interests disqualified her from being president.

How does one than square Obama’s current praise for Clinton with his past criticism? Both can’t be true for a simple reason.

Here’s the problem with Obama’s current praise of Clinton. None of the subjects Obama criticized Clinton for in 2008 have improved in 2016. His former Secretary of State is still more than willing to say or do anything if it will help her get elected. This is proven by her many flip-flops this year. Just like in 2008, Clinton is also still raising millions from special interests. Finally, Clinton still has very high unfavorable numbers. So while America Rising will certainly be watching President Obama’s speech tonight very closely, if you want to know how he really feels about the Democratic nominee, watch our new video.