February 24, 2016

Pressure Builds On Clinton To Release Speech Transcripts

Following Tuesday night’s CNN town hall in which Secretary Clinton was pressed again to release transcripts of her behind-closed-doors paid speeches, pressure is building on the left for Clinton to come clean on what she said to Wall Street firms.

While Politico described Clinton’s handling of her paid speeches as “an artful dodge” (a play on her “artful smear” complaints/whining about the Sanders campaign), Gawker took Clinton to task for her illogical defense:

This logic is absurd. The reason there’s a different standard for Clinton is that she is the only candidate in this race who, after personally accepting millions of dollars from Wall Street banks, decided to run for President on a platform of regulating those banks. Her sustained evasion last night is particularly ridiculous because, two days after her ABC News interview, the public learned that, during a 2013 speech to Goldman Sachs, Clinton reportedly acted and spoke like a Goldman executive hoping to rally the banks’ rank-and-file for another profitable quarter. One attendee told Politico, “In this environment, it could be made to look really bad.”

It’s become increasingly clear that the content of these speeches are, in fact, highly damaging to Clinton’s self-rendered image as a tough Wall Street regulator. What else could explain her repeated refusals to release them to the public?

Hammering that point home, Politico reporter Dan Diamond laid out the case in stark term:

Meanwhile, Clinton backer Cecile Richards claimed nobody cared about the transcripts: