May 19, 2016

Was Privileged Pat Trying To Stash Tainted Cash?

Last week, the Harry Reid-affiliated Senate Majority PAC was forced to return a $100,000 donation from convicted domestic abuser and “longtime friend” of Florida senate candidate Patrick Murphy, Ibrahim Al-Rashid.

Al-Rashid had been a prolific donor to Murphy’s campaign and Democratic organizations benefiting House candidates, but this was the first check he cut to a Senate PAC – suggesting that his contribution had Murphy’s name on it. The Hill reported:

While it’s unclear whether Al-Rashid directed his House Majority PAC donations to help Murphy, a near-identical donation pattern has repeated itself in 2016 now that his friend is running for the Senate.

Asked whether his $100,000 donation this year was earmarked to help Murphy, Al-Rashid hung up the phone on The Hill midway through the question.

Senate Majority PAC also declined to answer when asked whether Al-Rashid had directed the group to spend the money helping Murphy.

Al-Rashid’s “pattern” of giving to outside groups that just happen to be in a position to spend the money on Murphy repeated itself at the local level.

Earlier this week the Florida Democratic Party was forced to return $10,000 Al-Rashid donated this election cycle:

How close are the Party and the Murphy campaign? Very close, according to a new report from Politico Florida:

The Democratic Executive Committee of Florida is formally aligned with Murphy’s campaign through a joint fundraising agreement which allows both sides to pool fundraising resources. Donors can give up to $10,000 to the committee, of which $5,400, the maximum allowed, can go directly to Murphy’s campaign. The rest goes into the party’s federal coffers.

In case there’s any doubt that Al-Rashid’s donation was intended to directly benefit Murphy, the timeline should put that to rest – Murphy and the Party formed the joint committee on November 16, 2015 and Al-Rashid’s check arrived on December 16, 2015.

If Murphy was, as he has claimed, “heartbroken” by Al-Rashid’s disturbing domestic assault, why didn’t he discourage his close friend from continuing to pour his tainted cash into his race? Or was Murphy simply trying to have his moral high ground, and his buddy’s dirty money too?