October 27, 2016

Privileged Patrick Murphy Loans Struggling Campaign $1 Million

Privileged Patrick Murphy can’t stop reminding Floridians that he’s an out of touch multi-millionaire. This morning the Miami Herald reported that, in the face of a growing spending deficit, Murphy is dipping into his own pocket to the tune of $1 million:

“Democratic U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy personally loaned $1 million to his U.S. Senate campaign in October to pay for extra TV ad time in the final two weeks before Election Day, his campaign says. The move comes after Murphy had lackluster fundraising in the third quarter and after national Democratic groups withdrew millions of dollars from Florida this fall, leaving Murphy to largely fend for himself.”

Patrick Murphy is only 33 years old, so an observer who hasn’t followed the Florida Senate race might be surprised that someone so young can afford to give his campaign such a large sum of money. Luckily for Murphy, his tremendously wealth father gave him millions in 2012.

In total, Murphy’s family has now spent close to $4 million in his failing Senate race. As national Democrats pull the financial plug on his faltering campaign, Privileged Patrick has no choice but to dip into his vast personal fortune to make up the difference. While, Murphy has talked a big game about limiting the influence of millionaires in politics, he’s shown that when his own political career is on the line, those principles go out the window.