August 21, 2017

Pro-Life Democrats Fire Back At Litmus Test Enforcers

Hillary Clinton’s collapse in critical Midwest states last year was a key factor in her loss, and the Democratic Party’s current state of disarray and dysfunction. Now Kristen Day, the Executive Chairwoman of Democrats for Life of America, is warning her fellow Democrats that their extreme stance on an abortion litmus test could further enhance the Democratic Party’s Midwest problems:

“Kristen Day, executive chairwoman of Democrats for Life of America, said the national party’s stance has almost certainly cost it the chance to make a run at the seat that covers Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and said there are likely other places as well where a Democrat would be more competitive if he or she held pro-life views.”

Independent analysists have backed up Day’s prognosis, saying that the Democratic Party’s opposition backing pro-life candidates will hurt them next year:

“Analysts were reluctant to put a number on how many districts might swing with a pro-life Democratic candidate, but said House seats in the north and upper Midwest are exactly the kinds of places where the issue could be playing a role in Democrats’ struggles.”

Key figures within the Democratic Party, like Tom Steyer and Planned Parenthood, have only been emboldened by the abortion litmus test fight. As they move the party farther to the left on key issues like abortion, the Democratic Party’s decline in the Midwest will only be accelerated.