April 25, 2016

Professor Feingold Paying Former Stanford Assistant From Campaign

It’s no secret that Stanford professor Russ Feingold spent more of the autumn months hobnobbing in California’s ivory towers than meeting voters in Wisconsin’s towns and cities, but it’s news that the former senator got so attached to his Palo Alto colleagues he put one of them on his campaign payroll.

Feingold’s latest FEC report shows five payments totaling $5,859.25 to a Brendan Ballou-Kelley:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.43.09 PM

A glance at Feingold’s Stanford course listing shows that Ballou-Kelley was Feingold’s teaching assistant for “The United States Senate As A Legal Institution” this fall:


Feingold’s report lists the payments to Ballou-Kelly as “payroll” with no further job description. Ballou-Kelly is a student in Stanford’s Class of 2016 and, according to the report, still resides in Palo Alto, which could raise questions about his role in the campaign.

Feingold has already faced criticism for stashing his former senate staff in ill-defined positions at his controversial Progressives United Super PAC, which came under fire as a slush fund for staffers that didn’t accomplish much of anything.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, eight former Progressives United staff members are also on the Feingold campaign payroll.