November 13, 2013

ProPublica: Who Are State Dept’s 100 “Special Government Employees”? It Won’t Say

Despite Hillary Clinton’s claim that “the cure for corruption is openness,” for months, the State Department has been stonewalling congressional and press inquiries into the peculiar arrangementnaming top Clinton aide Huma Abedin a “special government employee,” allowing her to work for other entities while remaining at the State Department. Abedin went on to work for Teneo, a consulting firm with deep ties to the Clintons and the family’s foundation, while still working at the State Department, and having access to sensitive information.

Now it turns out, the problem is 100 times bigger. According toProPublica, Huma Abedin is one of “about 100” special government employees. What’s worse is the tactics the Department is using to try to avoid revealing these individuals’ identities and their private sector clients. After denying a media inquiry and Freedom of Information Act request from ProPublica, which other Departments granted, the State Department only “reopened” the request after it learned ProPublica was going to write about the denial. Yet the Department has continued to stall, delaying its response three separate times.

Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin drew scrutiny for a special arrangement that allowed her to work part time at the State Department while simultaneously maintaining a side gig working for a corporate consulting firm. …

So who else is a special government employee at the State Department? The department won’t say — even as eight other federal agencies readily sent us lists of their own special government employees.

A State Department spokeswoman did confirm that there are “about 100” such employees. But asked for a list, she added that, “As general policy, [the department] does not disclose employee information of this nature.”


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