January 24, 2016

Proud? Clinton’s Campaign & Allies Increasingly Smearing Primary Opponent

During an event in North Liberty Sunday evening, Hillary Clinton said, “I am really proud of the campaign we have run. It’s been on substance, on policy.”

That may be the campaign that Clinton wants to project, but it’s not the campaign she’s running.

First, Clinton’s top toady David Brock threatened to demand Sanders, who is 74 years old, prove he’s healthy and fit:

A top surrogate for Hillary Clinton is prepping a new attack in an intensifying and increasingly personal war against rival Bernie Sanders — calling on the 74-year-old to release his medical records before the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1.

Clinton defender David Brock — founder of the Correct the Record PAC, which coordinates directly with Clinton’s campaign — is expected to hit the airwaves this weekend from Charleston, the scene of the third Democratic debate on Sunday night, and challenge Sanders to cough up a clean bill of health and doctor’s note in the next 16 days, according to a Democrat familiar with his thinking who was not authorized to preview any strategy.

Then, Brock, who runs the super PAC Correct The Record and coordinates directly with the Clinton campaign, came just short of calling Sanders a racist by claiming Black lives don’t matter to the Vermont Senator:

David Brock, a longtime ally of the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, blasted rival Bernie Sanders on Thursday, suggesting he doesn’t care about black lives.

Brock, who heads several groups aiding Clinton’s bid, offered the accusation while criticizing a new ad from Sanders that Brock said was a “significant slight to the Democratic base.”

“From this ad it seems black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders,” Brock told The Associated Press.

And on Friday, it was reported a mysterious “dossier” that claims Sanders is a communist sympathizer has been handed over to The Guardian:

But the attacks are likely to intensify nonetheless in the days leading up to the Iowa caucus according to a new document that delves into affiliations and statements made by the senator dating back decades.

The dossier, prepared by opponents of Sanders and passed on to the Guardian by a source who would only agree to be identified as “a Democrat”, alleges that Sanders “sympathized with the USSR during the Cold War” because he went on a trip there to visit a twinned city while he was mayor of Burlington.

In the past, Clinton has pled ignorance regarding the attacks launched by the super PAC with which she coordinates directly. But to brazenly claim she’s proud of these attacks is misleading and offensive.