July 21, 2013

Pryor’s Flip Flop On ObamaCare Does Not Go Unnoticed In Arkansas

Last week, America Rising noted Mark Pryor’s convenient flip flop on ObamaCare. Pryor’s newfound opposition to ObamaCare, coincidentally timed before the 2014 election, has not gone unnoticed in Arkansas.

Arkansas Business editor Lance Turner discussed Pryor’s flip flopover the weekend:


“It’s sort of interesting too that Mark Pryor this past week also sort of reversed course on parts of ObamaCare. There’s the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which is supposed to seek savings in Medicare as part of ObamaCare. He has sort of spoke for this board, supported it in the past. Last week he decided to vote to delay it, to not fund it. And this is the board that of course has gotten the death panel label thrown at it because this is supposed to seek those savings. So Mark Pryor, we all know Mark Pryor is in a tough position on a range of issues, but this is another one where he’s sort of kind of had to change his mind a little bit.”

Remember that Pryor voted to actually prevent repealing IPAB and defended IPAB’s existence.