July 18, 2013

Pryor’s Sudden Change Of Heart On IPAB And ObamaCare

Mark Pryor must be up for reelection in 2014, otherwise how else can he explain his sudden shift in opposition to the much-maligned Independent Payment Advisory Board, more famously known as IPAB?

Pryor was such a proponent for IPAB that he voted to kill an amendment that would have repealed IPAB.

In fact, Pryor defended IPAB’s existence just last year:

In March 2012, Pryor defended the panel, saying that before passage of the healthcare law, people were “at the mercy” of private insurers.

Fast forward just one year with an election on the horizon and suddenly Pryor is singing a different tune on IPAB:

Last week, in a Senate Appropriations Committee vote, Pryor voted to withhold funding for the panel. …

Pryor defended the Affordable Care Act and said that the panel was a “small part” of the law that was unworkable.

“It’s a big, complicated piece of legislation,” he said. “Everybody knows there are going to be problems with it,” he said. “We should repeal [the panel] and find other ways to find Medicare savings in the system.”

Pryor picked the wrong issue to align himself with Obama, and now he can’t get away fast enough to save his political life.