January 25, 2016

Questions Ted Strickland Is Sweating At The Akron Press Club

During his appearance at the Akron Press Club today, Ohio Democrat Ted Strickland will likely be forced to do his least favorite thing – answer questions about his policy positions and his floundering campaign. He’s gone to great lengths to avoid answering reporters’ questions, from outright refusing interview requests to claiming he was too busy “fundraising” to talk about his flip-flop on gun control last month.

Now – although he refused a request from leading Akron-area Democrats to turn the Press Club appearance into a debate with primary opponent P.G. Sittenfeld – Strickland may actually have to answer a question or two. Here’s a few of the questions he hopes don’t get asked:

  1. Why did you claim you changed your gun control position in 2012 when you were still touting your pro-gun record in 2015?
  1. Last week you used the anniversary of Citizen’s United to decry money in politics, but just last year you described working at a liberal “dark money” think tank as your “dream job” – are you flip-flopping on this too? Should your former employer, the Center for American Progress Action Fund, disclose its donors?
  1. Last week you held a jobs roundtable and lamented steel industry layoffs. Aren’t you largely responsible for Ohio’s economic woes since the state lost more than 350,000 jobs when you were governor?
  1. If you’ve been too busy “fundraising” to answer questions from reporters, why has your fundraising lagged far behind the goal set by your own campaign?
  1. Your campaign has attracted a lot of negative attention from political observers. Leading Democrats have referred to you as a “ghost” and “largely invisible.” If you aren’t meeting fundraising goals and have been refusing interview requests, avoiding the campaign trail, and dodging debates how can Ohio voters trust that you would work for them in the senate?