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America Rising Political News Quiz

May 2, 2019

Take the America Rising Political News quiz below!

1) Steve Bullock became the 22nd Democrat to officially launch a campaign for President in 2020 this week, but during a launch event, he struggled to name a single accomplishment during his tenure as governor of what state?
2) South Bend Indiana Mayor and 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg "slow jammed the news" on a late night TV talk show hosted by whom?
3) Which other Democrat running for president in 2020 expressed his regret that he launched his campaign on the cover of Vanity Fair during an appearance on The View.
4) This week, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized this presidential candidate's climate change policies as "middle of the road," a charge he refuted.
5) Which fellow presidential candidate said, "I think Joe Biden would be a good running mate as vice president. He's proven that he knows how to do the job?"
6) Another Democrat, Bill de Blasio, launched his campaign for president this week. De Blasio is mayor of which U.S. city?
7) Tensions rose in the Middle East this week and led to a partial evacuation of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad amid concerns about aggressive actions by which country?
8) Which company underwhelmed investors this week following its IPO over concerns about its relationships with drivers?
9) According to the governor, Russian hackers breached the systems of two county elections offices in which U.S. state?
10) A stainless steel figure measuring just over three feet tall sculpted by Jeff Koons sold for $91 million at auction this week, setting the record for the most expensive work by a living artist. The sculpture represents what animal?
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