November 3, 2016

Randy Perkins Gets Desperate With New Attack Ad

Randy Perkins’ unhinged and disgusting attacks on Brian Mast have shown voters in Florida’s 18th congressional district that he does not have the temperament for elected office. Now in his latest attack ad against Mast has shown that he doesn’t have the judgment either. In a new ad, Perkins attacks Mast for living in a “lavish” home:

Perkins ad

This is pure insanity. According to Politico, Perkins is worth $200 million, and owns a beachfront property worth at least $10 million:

“Perkins owns a $10 million home in Delray Beach but said he’s moved to a rental in Palm Beach Gardens, which is in District 18.”

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 9.49.43 AM

Perkins’ ad is the mark of a desperate candidate who knows he’s likely going to lose. Voters in Florida’s 18th congressional district see Perkins for what he is, too: a petulant, spoiled loser.