April 5, 2016

The Reason Behind John Kerry’s Massive Gas Price Proposal Uncovered!

John Kerry

Today in a speech at a Bloomberg New Energy Finance event, Secretary of State John Kerry appeared to advocate for a dramatic increase in the price of gasoline. As anyone who owns a car knows, gas prices are extremely low.

Secretary Kerry’s speech seemed to make the case for doubling or tripling the price of gas so that it’s back near the highs that were so painful for consumers:

“‘We can’t afford to continue to be oblivious to these costs,’ Kerry said during a speech at a Bloomberg New Energy Finance event. He argued that the cost of oil and coal are ‘at least double or triple’ when externalities are taken into account, adding that fossil fuels are the ‘costliest investments that any civilization can choose to make.'”

This might seem like an odd position for a politician to take, until you remember that politician is John Kerry. After all, his well-documented preferred modes of transportation are windsurfing and cruising around in his $7 million yacht, that he doesn’t like paying taxes on.