October 1, 2015

Recent Headlines Reveal Former Secretary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Failures

It’s no secret former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a controversial tenure at the State Department. Clinton’s policy failures in the Middle East and those regarding Russia are now coming together. The reset with Russia, Clinton’s belief that Assad could be described as a reformer, and the lack of a plan to take on the Islamic State have not reaped any positive changes in the actions of either countries, their leadership, or the terrorist group. Russia is now conducting airstrikes in Syria while Assad continues to oversee a deadly civil war.

See below for some of the worst headlines that have recently emerged that are connected to Clinton’s policies from her time as the nation’s top diplomat:

New York Times: Russia Carries Out Airstrikes In Syria For 2nd Day

Foreign Policy: Russia’s First Strikes In Syria Hit U.S. Ally, Not Islamic State

The Economist: Putin Dares, Obama Dithers

The Daily Beast: Putin Hits West’s Rebels Instead Of ISIS

Los Angeles Times: Russia Launches Airstrikes In Syria Amid U.S. Concern About Targets

CNN: Russia Launches Airstrikes Against Al-Assad’s Enemies In Syria