September 24, 2013

Remember When Hillary Clinton Used To Pretend She Cared About The Debt?

Today, Hillary Clinton called on Congress to raise the debt limit.

But back in 2006, Clinton voted against raising the debt limit, pretending like she cared about government spending, specifically attacking “Raising this debt limit while embracing policies that further exacerbate the deficit.” With the debt over having more than doubled from $8.2 trillion to $16.7 trillion since her vote, its clear that the 2006 vote was nothing more than your run of the mill Clintonian political phoniness. From her statement at the time:

Today’s vote to increase the federal debt limit to nearly $9 trillion represents a profound failure of this Administration’s and Republican Congress’ policies. It is not only a failure of fiscal discipline. It is a failure of foresight, vision and above all a failure of leadership. …

Instead of making investments in the American people through education, job training and health care and creating a foundation for new economic opportunities and a stronger America in the future, we have increasingly ceded our fiscal sovereignty to foreign nations like China, Japan, and the OPEC consortium who now finance about 45 percent or $2.2 trillion of our nation’s publicly held debt. …

Raising this debt limit while embracing policies that further exacerbate the deficit is in essence a ‘children’s tax,’ a burden borne not by this Administration or this Congress, but by our sons, our daughters and our grandchildren. It is for these reasons that I oppose this increase in the debt limit.