July 26, 2017

Renewed Calls For Nancy Pelosi To Step Down Highlight Democrats’ Leadership Crisis

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi might have hoped that her “A Better Deal” rollout would quiet her Democratic critics. Yet it’s been just a few days since the Democrats’ flop of an event, and already some of her most prominent internal critics are voicing their opposition to Pelosi’s leadership and new slogan.

First, Congressman Tim Ryan, who ran against Pelosi earlier this year, joined the growing chorus of people giving the new Democratic slogan a negative review. Speaking on MSNBC, Ryan bashed the slogan, saying it lack an “aspirational message”:

“’I’d like to see it be a little more aspiration instead of just transactional in terms of tax credits, the kinds of pieces that were just in there. I think we need a little more of an aspirational message,’ he said.”

The Democrats’ new slogan isn’t the only thing under fire; the party’s leaders are as well. This morning, Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA) reiterated his call for Pelosi to step down. Moulton has long believed that Pelosi has been holding the Democratic Party back. Speaking with WBUR, he took a shot at Pelosi’s leadership when he said that the Democratic Party needed “a new generation to step up and lead”:

“REP. SETH MOULTON: I think a new message isn’t enough, it’s time for new messengers as well. We need new leaders in the party, and that’s why I’ve been calling for a new generation to step up and lead.” BOB OAKES: At times you’ve been suggesting that the new leadership should include new Congressional leadership and that maybe Nancy Pelosi should go, where are you on that at present…? REP. MOULTON: I do think it’s time for her to step down.”

Yesterday, America Rising PAC’s video highlighted the leadership vacuum in the Democratic Party. These two fresh examples of that fact show the Democratic Party’s problems are beyond fixing with a bad slogan.