October 13, 2016

Report Details Kander’s Incorporation Of Missouri KKK Group

A new report by the Washington Free Beacon about Jason Kander’s conduct as Missouri’s Secretary of State raises troubling new questions about his judgment. One of Kander’s responsibilities as Secretary of State is approving articles of organization for Missouri organizations. Yet weeks into Kander’s tenure, he approved legal documents allowing a Ku Klux Klan group to become a company:

“Just weeks after assuming office as secretary of state in Missouri, Jason Kander approved a legal document allowing a Ku Klux Klan group to become a company. The Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a ‘white man’s organization’ that advocated using ‘lethal force’ against protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, became a limited liability company with the signature of Kander, who is running for Senate against Republican Sen. Roy Blunt.”

According to the Free Beacon, Kander had discretion to reject the KKK group’s filing:

“Kander has the authority as Secretary of State to cancel or disapprove any articles of organization on grounds that they violate criminal laws in Missouri, any other state, or the federal government.”

Shockingly, Kander failed to use that discretion. A cursory look at the group’s website shows disturbing elements, including burning crosses. The group also advocated violent measures against protesters in Ferguson. Additionally, three members of the group were arrested for conspiracy to commit murder:

“Three members of the group were charged with plotting to kill a black inmate in Florida in 2014. The men, who were current and former corrections officers, “regularly used a racial slur when referring to the inmate, had failed at their first attempt to kill him and still wanted him ‘terminated,’ according to the Kansas City Star.”

Evidently these details were not enough for Kander to take action. Missouri voters need a Senator with the backbone to take on hate groups, not capitulate without a hint of protest.