April 8, 2016

McGinty’s Social Security Attack #FAIL

Everyone watching the Pennsylvania senate race knows Katie McGinty has no problem sacrificing the truth for the sake of campaign rhetoric, but her latest false attack on one of her rivals is racking up the fact check fails with record speed.

When McGinty first trotted out her attack on Sestak for supporting the Simpson-Bowles debt reduction package while in Congress, reporters were quick to point out a fairly obvious problem:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.57.14 PM

A new report from Politico on Friday echoed the Rendell issue:

McGinty’s campaign, meanwhile, is chaired by former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who was a strong booster for the Simpson-Bowles plan.

And further debunked a shameless attempt by McGinty to leverage her father’s law enforcement career in a dishonest attack:

And McGinty overstepped during Tuesday’s debate in painting Sestak’s position as an attack on her family.

“Congressman, my dad walked the beat for 35 years, he earned his Social Security, it’s not an entitlement,” McGinty said in the debate, referring to her father, a former Philadelphia police officer. The only problem: A department spokeswoman says that police in the city neither pay into nor receive Social Security for their work. McGinty’s campaign said her father earned Social Security while working other jobs, including for the Port Authority.

Um, memo to the spinmeisters at the McGinty campaign: “walking the beat” was a crystal clear reference to police work, so that cleanup attempt is as much of a failure as the original attack.

With more debates looming ahead of the April 26th primary and McGinty getting increasingly desperate as she continues to lag in the polls, Pennsylvania’s journalists and fact checkers have got their work cut out for them.