August 3, 2017

Ripped From The Headlines: Abortion Litmus Test Fight A Major Headache For Democrats

There are many flashpoints that activate the Democratic Party’s ever-expanding civil war, but few conflicts spread wider than ones about social issues. This week saw that in action, when DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Lujan told The Hill that the DCCC would not have an abortion litmus test for candidates.

Since those comments, the Democratic Party has been thrown into chaos, with many on the far left blasting Lujan’s stance

“Democrats aren’t all exactly on the same page when it comes to supporting candidates who do not toe the party line on reproductive rights. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee drew the ire of progressives and women’s rights groups over the weekend after its chairman, Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), said the group would continue to provide financial support to anti-abortion House candidates in next year’s midterm elections.”

NARAL’s president went so far as to say the DCCC stance was evidence of a “politically bankrupt strategy,” while Democracy for America called Lujan’s comments “profoundly disturbing.” This week’s abortion conflict mirrors a similar conflict that engulfed the DNC over Omaha Democrat Heath Mello during the Democrats’ failed unity tour. See below for just some of the headlines that show the Democratic Party’s bad week over the abortion litmus test fight:

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