April 4, 2016

Ripped From The Headlines: Clinton’s Gaffe-Filled Meet The Press Interview

Hillary Clinton’s appearance on Meet the Press, just two days before the critical Wisconsin primary, could not have gone any worse. The interview featured the former Secretary of State stepping on one landmine after another, as she attempts to hold off the surging Bernie Sanders campaign.

She was confronted by Chuck Todd on issues ranging from the FBI investigation into her time as Secretary of State to abortion and her fossil fuel industry donations. Each time Clinton failed to adequately address the issues.

Below are some of the bad headlines that came out of Clinton’s calamitous interview:

Politifact: “Hillary Clinton’s absurd claim that she’s the only candidate being attacked by Wall Street”

NBC: “Hillary Clinton Says She Hasn’t Been Contacted By the FBI”

Huffington Post: “Hillary Clinton Says She Hasn’t Been Interviewed By FBI Yet”

Bloomberg: “Clinton Says FBI Hasn’t Reached Out for an Interview on E-Mails”

Wall Street Journal: “Hillary Clinton Says No Sign of FBI Email Investigators Yet”

The Hill: “Clinton: ‘Unborn person’ doesn’t have constitutional rights”

Washington Times: “Hillary Clinton’s ‘unborn person’ comments anger both pro-choice, pro-life sides”

Washington Free Beacon: “Clinton: Unborn Children Don’t Have Constitutional Rights”

Washington Times: “Hillary Clinton feels ‘sorry’ for voters who believe Bernie Sanders as fossil fuel feud heats up”

Mediaite: “Hillary: ‘I Feel Sorry’ for the Young People Who Believe Sanders Camp’s Lies”

The 2016 Democratic primary was suppose to be a layup for Hillary Clinton, yet as the campaign enters April, Clinton is facing tough questions about when the FBI will interview her. In addition, she is at risk of losing her home state of New York later this month. This was not the 2016 Hillary Clinton envisioned.