October 10, 2016

Ripped From The Headlines: Bayh “Raked In Millions” As An “Extremely Lucrative” Lobbyist

Evan Bayh’s personal financial disclosure has the mega-lobbyist in the hot seat today. Bayh’s exorbitant wealth has exposed just how disconnected the former Senator has become with the average Indiana voter. After all, Bayh made 126 times the median income for an Indiana resident last year alone. Furthermore, according to the Washington Examiner, the fact that Bayh’s wealth increased by as much as 20 times has drawn a tremendous amount of attention to the extreme extent Bayh cashed in after leaving the Senate:

“How lucrative is it to be a former member of Congress? Just ask Indiana Democratic Senate candidate Evan Bayh, who in just six years after leaving the Senate in 2011 built as much as $40 million in wealth — mostly from K Street lobbying firms and corporate board positions he never would have had except that he’s a former senator and governor. Bayh’s net worth increased dramatically after he left Congress. While in the Senate, Bayh and his wife Susan reported between $2.1 million and $7.7 million in assets. In the six years since Bayh left the Senate, those assets increased to between $13.9 million and $48 million. So his wealth has increased by anywhere between double and 20 times what it was just a few years ago.”

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