April 8, 2016

Ripped From The Headlines: Bill Clinton’s “Cringeworthy” Encounter With Protesters

Bill Clinton is not having a good time right now on the campaign trail. Earlier this week Clinton confused Merrick Garland with another judge multiple times. Now Clinton is facing heat over the way he handled protesters at an event in Pennsylvania.

Clinton was confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters over Hillary Clinton’s superpredator comments and the 1994 crime bill. While Clinton tried to explain Hillary Clinton’s record, the protesters were not buying it at all.

The result was an avalanche of negative headlines that highlighted Hillary Clinton’s vulnerabilities on the issue:

Reuters: “Bill Clinton defends wife’s ‘super predator’ comment to protesters”

Vox: “Bill Clinton just gave criminal justice reformers another reason to be cautious of Hillary”

USA Today: “Bill Clinton suggests Black Lives Matter protesters defend child murderers”

NPR: “Bill Clinton Gets Into Heated Exchange With Black Lives Matter Protester”

Huffington Post: “Bill Clinton Spars With Protesters Who Say He Destroyed Black Communities”

Salon: “Black Lives Matter protesters heckle Bill Clinton — and his terrible response was cringeworthy”

Vice: “Bill Clinton Yells at Black Lives Matter Protesters, Defends Violent Crime Bill”

Weekly Standard: “Bill Clinton: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Are Defending Murders And Drug Dealers”

The Hill: “Bill Clinton clashes with protesters over his crime bill”

CNN: “Bill Clinton spars with Black Lives Matter protesters”

Washington Post: “Bill Clinton gets heated with Black Lives Matter protesters over his crime bill”

New York Magazine: “Bill Clinton Accuses Black Lives Matter Protesters of Defending Murderous Drug Dealers”

As late as 2012 Bill Clinton was held up as the Campaigner-in-Chief. Now it’s become commonplace for reporters to comment on Clinton’s diminished capacity as a campaigner. As Hillary Clinton continues to struggle to win the Democratic nomination, the lack of effectiveness of her top surrogate is not helping her chances of wrapping the nomination up anytime soon.