July 6, 2016

Ripped From The Headlines: Comey “Undermines” And “Systematically Dismantled” Clinton’s Email Lies

Yesterday, President Barack Obama’s campaign debut for Hillary Clinton was completely overshadowed by the avalanche of bad stories that FBI Director James Comey’s press conference dropped on the Clinton campaign. The FBI Director provided a long litany of Clinton’s untruths about her private email server. In fact, Comey’s statement has caused fact checkers to revise upward their past rulings on Clinton’s email server lies.

Comey’s “blistering assessment” of Clinton’s State Department mistakes, including the exposure of top-secret information to hostile actors, ensures that the former Secretary of State’s “character questions” will endure:

“Giving little indication he was about to clear Clinton of wrongdoing, Comey on Tuesday delivered a blistering assessment of the Democratic nominee’s missteps in using a personal email account run on private servers. The FBI determined Clinton sent and received classified information on her private email set-up, he said, contradicting her months of public assurances she had not. He added that agents found “several thousand work-related emails” that Clinton’s attorneys failed to turn over, and went on to raise the prospect that people hostile to the U.S. had snooped on her account.”

Another effect of Clinton’s misconduct is that it furthers the divide between her campaign and Bernie Sanders’ supporters, many of whom took to Twitter after Comey’s announcement to publicly trash Clinton.

See below for a roundup of some of the most damaging stories on how Clinton’s private server scandal is a story that will continue to negatively affect Clinton and the entire Democratic Party until Election Day:

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