August 31, 2016

Ripped From The Headlines: Democrats “Begin Retreat” In Ohio A “Bad Omen” For Retread Ted

Ted Strickland can’t catch a break. Just when it appears that his latest gaffe or stumble dropped from view, more bad news appears for the career politician, that repeats the bad cycle once again.

This week the troubling developments for Strickland come in the form of cancelled ad buys by both the DSCC and the Harry Reid-tied SuperPAC Senate Majority PAC. Taken together, the moves unmistakably show that Senate Democrats increasingly believe that Strickland is in “deep trouble”:

“Strickland (D) and his aides pooh-pooh the news as only a slight shift in strategy, but anyone who has been around this game for a while knows what canceled and/or pushed-back media buys mean: That doubt is creeping into Senate Democratic circles that Strickland can win — and that a full-scale pull-out might be on the horizon. (Polling in the race suggests Strickland is in deep trouble.)”

The nearly $700,000 in canceled ad spending takes on added significance considering Senator Rob Portman’s nearly $10 million dollar COH advantage. See below for more stories that show how much trouble Ted Strickland is in:

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