November 14, 2016

Ripped From The Headlines: Dems In Civil War To Unparalleled Extent

The unprecedented fracturing of the Democratic Party in the six days after the election has been matched only by the unprecedented degree to which the party finds itself out of power on all levels of government.This eventful week has seen seen both a great degree of blame placed on the Clinton campaign, while at the same time senior operatives on that campaign have blamed everything but the weather for their loss. Meanwhile, liberal elected Democrats and operatives have seen the defeat of a flip-flopping corporatist as an excuse to try and take over the Democratic Party, and there’s a coup brewing in the House Democratic Caucus.

In addition, the results of this election show that President Obama’s accomplishments, namely Obamacare, have been rebuked by the American people and are on the verge of being rightfully annulled. No Obama “accomplishment” was more destructive to Democrats not named Obama than ObamaCare. Starting in 2010, ObamaCare’s disastrous impact on ordinary Americans has correctly cost Obama’s party Senators and Congressman by the barrelful. Now ObamaCare has claimed its biggest possible victim, Hillary Clinton. When the Obama Administration announced that premiums were going to rise by 25% in 2017, Clinton’s candidacy was significantly impacted.

Connected with ObamaCare’s ravaging of the Democratic Party has been the down ballot destruction of the Democratic Party. No where was that pain more evident then in Senate elections this year. The Senate bench was so weak that the DSCC had to rely on retreads (Bayh, Feingold, Strickland) or no names (Murphy, Ross, McGinty) in key races.

The multi-front intra-party squabbles consuming the Democratic Party right now show no sign of abating anytime soon. The censure of the Clinton campaign has only just begun, while the DNC chairmanship battle is only getting started. See below for the many headlines showing the full extent of the Democratic Party’s problems:

Blame Toward The Clinton Campaign

New York Times: “Hillary Clinton’s Expectations, and Her Ultimate Campaign Missteps”

Washington Post: “A series of strategic mistakes likely sealed Clinton’s fate”

Washington Post: “The advertising decisions that helped doom Hillary Clinton”

Washington Post: “The Clintons were undone by the middle-American voters they once knew so well”

Washington Post: “I said Clinton was in trouble with the voters I represent. Democrats didn’t listen.”

Washington Post: “Cracks, and not the ceiling kind, were evident on Clinton’s last day on the trail”

US News: “DNC Staff: Arrogance Cost Clinton the Election”

Politico: “What Was Hillary Clinton’s Real Downfall? Complacency”

Politico: “Clinton blames Comey letters for defeat”

Liberal Revolt

The Hill: “Seething liberals vow revolution in Democratic Party”

NBC: “Could The Left Stage a DNC Coup? ‘There Has to Be a Complete Restructuring'”

USA Today: “Liberals seek ‘ideological shift’ in the Democratic Party”

Washington Post: “Democrats face a power outage in Washington — and an identity crisis”

Washington Post: “House Democrats work to quell post-election anger with leaders”

Chaos at the DNC

Huffington Post: “DNC Staffer Screams At Donna Brazile For Helping Elect Donald Trump”

Politico: “Fight erupts among Democrats for control of party in crisis”

NBC: “Field of Candidates to Head Democratic Party Expands Quickly”

Washington Post: “What the DNC chair race tells us about the fight for the Democratic Party’s future”

New York Times: “Chuck Schumer Backs Minnesota Liberal for Democratic Party Chairman”

Huffington Post: “Harry Reid Endorses Keith Ellison For DNC Chair”

Obama Policies Drag On Democrats

The Atlantic: “How Obamacare Helped Trump”

New York Times: “Obama’s Policies and Broader Vision Face Reckoning With History”

The Hill: “Dark days for Obama’s White House”

Thin Democratic Bench Moving Forward

New York Times: “Their Leadership Lean, Democrats Turn an Eye to Rebuilding”

Washington Post: “The remarkably thin Democratic bench just got badly exposed”

Washington Post: “Democrats face a power outage in Washington — and an identity crisis”

Washington Post: “These 3 maps show just how dominant Republicans are in America after Tuesday”