July 26, 2016

Ripped From The Headlines: DNC Day One A “Disaster” Filled With “Damaging Damage Control”

When Hillary Clinton’s campaign planned day one of the Democratic National Convention they probably imagined big shows of party unity, highlighted by Sanders and Clinton delegates coming together. Yet those Sanders delegates were about as calm and peaceful as the weather in Philadelphia. Diehard Sanders delegates stole the show on day one by booing everyone in sight.

As Politico Playbook put it, the dis-unity on display made “day one… mostly a disaster”:

“Whatever you thought of Sanders, Warren or Obama, Day One was mostly a disaster. The heckling was loud and distracting for the party. During her speech, Warren’s supporters chanted ‘we trusted you,’ and even some of the Sanders faithful filed out when he voiced support for Clinton. At times, the crowd broke out into spurts of ‘lock her up!’ The first lady was the only speaker who was not interrupted”

Meanwhile, the New York Times noted how the overwhelming disruption of Sanders delegates during the convention speeches distracted from even “top leaders”:

“It’s not clear how big a chunk of Mr. Sanders’s coalition these disruptive voices represent. But their willingness to keep jeering at the party’s top leaders promises to keep cramping the proceedings as the week goes on.”

And this was only day one of four! While many Sanders delegates were still angry at the DNC’s primary chicanery that favored Clinton, they do not appear willing to back down anytime soon. For more of how day one’s chaos-filled proceedings damaged Hillary Clinton see below:

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